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Infant Care

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The Little Blessings Learning Center infant care program strives to be an extension of your loving home. We’re sensitive to the fact that this is the first time your child will leave the comfort zone of familiar surroundings. This type of change can be challenging for parents and babies alike. That’s why we’ll do our best to make this changeover to child care near you smooth and hassle-free for your family. You’ll feel this care and concern from the first time you enter our Rosman, NC day care.

We’ve created an environment that’s interesting and engaging for our infants. We use innovative tools and learning materials that are age-appropriate. These methods help our smallest students learn and develop motor skills, sensory perception, and other practical development concepts as they reach important milestones. They’ll grow in physical and intellectual ways that are exciting for both you and our staff to witness.

Our Rosman, NC child care program also has many of the other qualities you’re looking for in infant care. We don’t believe that finding child care has to be difficult, so we’ve designed our program to have everything you’re looking for. We have small class sizes that allow our teachers to pay close attention to each child. Our teachers also interact with the infants in as many ways as possible. Talking, singing, and reading are all used to develop language and socialization skills. Above all else, our staff will care for your child and do everything they can to create a positive environment and experience for your entire family. Our goal is to provide the best possible day care and child care near you.

Toddler Program

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The toddler program at Little Blessings Learning Center is designed for children who are one and two years old. We work with our students on all facets of development, including their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth. At the same time, our program helps them begin the transition from home to a school environment. Our staff will nurture and assist your toddler to help them get used to a structured and shared learning experience before they move on to our Rosman, NC preschool. This development leads to a good foundation for lifelong learning, helping your child to be strong and self-reliant.

Our program is crafted to develop each toddler’s cognitive functions, building self-esteem. The staff at Little Blessings Learning Center will help each student become an active participant in singing, arts and crafts, games, dancing, play, body movement activities, and other ways to explore their creativity.

At this age, engagement and encouragement are two things that are vital for a child’s growth. Our toddler day care program is designed so that our students can understand and relate to the world around them. They’ll develop gross and fine motor skills, increase their language abilities, and build relationships with other children.

Our toddler program meets many of the established standards for a high-quality program. At Little Blessings, your child will have a main teacher who’s there to observe their growth over an extended period of time. They’ll learn how to best interact with your toddler to help them develop the social and emotional skills they’ll need to thrive. Above all else, they’ll have the opportunities for play and learning that are necessary for preschool readiness. Contact us when you need to find a day care in the Rosman and Brevard, NC area.

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Where Little Blessings Mean The Most

As you can see, the infant and toddler programs at Little Blessings Learning Center combine the best of both worlds. Your child will receive a level of personalized attention that’s second only to that given by his or her loving family. At the same time, every child we serve gets the head start they need to be developmentally ready for preschool. You won’t have to sacrifice when you trust us to take care of your child.